Thank You

The MNITF extends a special thank you to the OneLegacy Foundation for a generous grant to fund the theater, TV/cable, and radio airtime for the OneLegacy service area.

The MNITF would also like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals who contributed to this PSA effort:
  • Joe Camareno, Celtino Entertainment Group
  • Natasha Campos, RN, Transplant Coordinator, St. Vincent Medical Center
  • Lori Hartwell, Renal Support Network
  • Kathleen Hostert, OneLegacy
  • Tania Llavaneras, OneLegacy
  • Michael Salvatore
  • Roberto B. Vargas, MD, MPH, David Geffin School of Medicine, UCLA
  • Stephanie Wiand, Celtino Entertainment Group

Thank you to the dialysis patients, living donors, and transplant recipients who shared their stories with us!
  • Norma Araos
  • Jeanne & Keenan Cheung
  • DeWayne Cox
  • Reginal "Reggie" Griffin
  • Lilly Hernandez
  • Claudia Sanchez
Want to make a difference in the life of someone who is suffering from kidney disease or kidney failure? Text the word KIDNEY to 21000 where you can make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to MNITF! Your generosity makes our work possible!